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    • SASSPro V2 Professional : a full-featured version for wastewater professionals, with the following process configurations as standard: Fully Aerobic / Conventional / Extended Aeration, Wuhrman, MLE, Johannesburg, UCT / VIP, MUCT, 2-stage Bardenpho / AO, 3-stage Bardenpho / A2O, 4-stage Bardenpho, 5-stage Bardenpho / Phoredox, Step Feed Anoxic / Oxic and Custom / Step BioP.
    • SASSPro SE : a low cost version of above, which includes 3process configurations only: Fully Aerobic, Modified Ludzak Ettinger (MLE) and 3stage Bardenpho / A2O.
  • SASSPro V2 Professional, Multi-User/LAN : includes 10 standalone PC licenses as well as local area network (LAN) installation for site use.

System Requirements:


Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP
Windows 7/8.1
Apple Bootcamp.