The Story of SassProV2

Unlike many modeling software packages, which are developed from a pre-engineering perspective, SassPro’s inspiration came from a gentleman who had as his background being a college professor with an expertise in waste water treatment plant operations management and is a citizen of Australia. His credentials are impeccable and his reputation as a premier expert in wastewater treatment plant operations is unequaled.

The SassPro process started with a spreadsheet the professor gave to a friend who owned a software development company which specialized in environmental delivery systems and who cared greatly about environmental efficiency and integrity; the professor asked, “Can we work on this?”


He has experience in national and international marketing and has completed sales transactions between the United Sates and Russia, Great Britain, and France. He has extensive experience in general contracting and in design/build projects.
His company today is the exclusive, world-wide marketer for the SassPro software package. From the spreadsheet of a committed operational manager/educator, to the hands of an inspired visionary, to the coordination and development of a premier software engineer, to the marketing expertise of an operational pioneer, we are pleased to give you SassPro. In loving memory and with great gratitude to John Douglass, who brought us all together.

Sasspro software contains a fully aerobic simulation to many BNR simulations for you to choose from.


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