, LLC, is proud to have strategic relationships with the most quality of companies.  We value these relationships and are pleased to introduce them to you.


ADL Systems, Inc., Precast Manufacturer.  The principals of wedotanks have worked exclusively with this third-generation company since the early 1980’s.  ADL’s record is impeccable and furnishes our precast and prestressed panels for various storage systems, wastewater treatment plants, and fracking tanks.  Please visit them at


Integrated Controls, Inc., Control Panels.  Although we work with other companies furnishing control panels and adjunctive services, when we can select a company to work for we always pick this company, whose services have never disappointed us!  Its website is


Green Technologies.  International Partner.  This company has a long-term relationship with us and also has a division that specializes in domestic engineering services.  Their website is


Sales Representatives.  Wedotanks does direct sales, internet sales (including downloadable products) and offers  unique wastewater treatment plant modeling software.  In specific geographic areas it has very talented sales representatives that handle the sales and certain contractual issues of wedotanks.


These sales representatives and their respective websites are


EnviroTect, LLC (Ohio)


H&T, Systems (Indiana)


AMD Technologies, Inc. (North and South Carolina)


Newman Regency (Texas, Oklahoma, Non-Exclusive)


Lear-Co Equipment, Inc. (West Virginia; Pennsylvania not including Blair, Potter, Clinton, Centre, Huntingdon and Fulton counties)


E&W Equipment Company, LLC (Delaware, New Jersey, and the counties of Blair, Potter, Clinton, Centre, Huntingdon and Fulton counties in Pennsylvania